Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
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Announcements for Sunday August 19th

The altar flowers this week are given in memory of Austen Yale. Given by Paul, Paula, Alec & Emily Yale.

Please join us at a special coffee hour after the 10:15 service to thank The Rev. Andrea Polvino for her service this summer.

Healing ministry during communion in the chapel. Members of Good Shepherd’s chapter of the Order of St. Luke offer healing prayer ministry in the sanctuary chapel during communion at both the 8:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. services. The chapter also hosts a class on Christian healing using the DVD series “The Healing Miracles of Jesus,” second Sundays at 11:45 a.m in the Brinsden Room. Contact Barbara Hemphill,, or  281-851-7504, with any questions.

Free CPR Class - Tuesday, August 21 from 6p.m. –8p.m. at Kingwood 24 Hour Emergency Hospital of Kingwood at 23330 Highway 59 north. Local area community Moms, Dads, Ushers, Greeters, Baby sitters, Teachers or concerned citizens. Reservations Required you can call 281-794-4872 or you can sign up online at\events.

The Good Shepherd Choir will resume rehearsals on Wednesday August 22, at 7 the Great Hall. They will return to the 10:15 Service on Rally Day, August 26. You don't have to wait until Rally Day to join this group. Jackson Hearn and the rest of the choir would love to have you, and indeed, need you, to help us achieve our vision: A vibrant and dedicated group of Christ followers who love to sing and praise the Lord. See Jackson Hearn for more information.

Rally Day - Join a new ministry, volunteer to help or just enjoy the fellowship! Sunday, August 26 after the 10:15 Service ( Our Only Service this Sunday). Contact Roman Hernandez for a Rally Day Table at 281-883-4410 or

Feed My Lambs - Please join us Tuesday, August 28 at 10:30a.m. in the Mission Center. If you can make sandwiches or deliver them to the apartments please contact Maureen Wheatley at As usual we will be meeting afterwards for lunch at Fuddruckers. Hope to see you then.
Valerie McMullen

Cross Wall - Thank you for all the cross donations we have received. We would like to expand the “cross wall” so more donations would be greatly appreciated. Please drop them off at the office. The crosses can be big, small,  new, something you have at home, or a family favorite. We want this to be a fun project that involves everyone. For questions call the office and ask for Patty Harris 281-358-3154.

Good Shepherd’s third quarterly Blood Drive, in partnership with CHI-St. Luke’s, will be held on Sunday, Sept. 9 from 9a.m. to 12noon. You may register to donate on that date. Remember to bring a picture ID. Anyone 17 and older, 110+ lbs. and in good health is a potential donor, so please consider donating. Feel free to recruit a friend or relative, too. Every donation can save 3 lives; every drop counts! Questions: contact Judy Johle, 281-361-6012 or

Why is Jackson spending so much time and effort in the children’s choir when many churches have stopped doing choirs?” The answer is simple – because I’m convinced this ministry is too vital to do anything less than all we can to help children grow in their faith through worship and music. When Rally Day rolls around, plan on being a part of the Good Shepherd Music Ministry. “We just don’t teach music to children. Instead we lead children to experience, love, and serve God through music!”

We are Looking for someone who is available to work in a team and learn how our pumpkin patch works. We need someone who will be available for the whole month of October. First two weeks only as needed ; last two and half will be shift work from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. while patch is open. I have been doing the patch for the past 4 years and would like to retire for my 5th. Please take time and consider this and help our church and community. It’s worthwhile work!! Contact Trish Kessler 281-748-9466 or Judy Spithill 281-300-0814 with any questions Thank you!

On September 9, the Good Shepherd Acolyte Guild will hold a training session for all those who are interested to join this beautiful ministry. The Acolyte Guild offers a wonderful avenue for our young people between the ages of 10 and 18 (including college) to participate as an important part of our worship services at Good Shepherd. Our Acolyte group is one of the largest and most active in the Diocese. Being an acolyte does not demand a lot of your time but does provide you an opportunity to participate in the life of the church in a quiet and meaningful way. Come and Join us! Please contact the Acolyte Master Mr. Paul Brinsden at 281-358-6127 or or any of our Guild leaders (Mrs. Nolting, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Stephan) any time or just meet us after church on September 9. Training will start with lunch at 12:45 p.m. after church. We already have collected a number of names but we want to be sure that we include anyone we may have missed. Candidates should be 10 by October 1. (or VERY close!). We start with lunch!!

Good Shepherd Women’s Book Group -September is here and so it’s time to add Happiness to your calendar. Place Happiness on your calendar on September 13. The Women’s Book Group will be reviewing and discussing Happiness by Arminataa Forna. Come join us in Rm 208 at noon. “Throughout Happiness, Forna stops in our tracks . . . Reminiscent at times of Michael Ondaatje’s novel Anil’s Ghost . . . Happiness is a meditation on grand themes: Love and death, man and nature, cruelty and mercy. But Forna folds this weighty matter into her buoyant creation with a sublimely delicate touch.”―Washington Post. Any questions contact Carole Quinn or Judy Spithill

“The fourth Good Shepherd Annual Randalls Flu Clinic” will be held from 9am until 12 noon on Sunday, September 16, 2018.
New regulations have a required minimum of 25 participants per clinic.

(Flu Shots) Quadrivalent Injectable Influenza Vaccine, 09/01/2018 - 08/31/2019 - $35.00
High Dose Injectable Influenza Vaccine (indicated for adults 65 and older) - $65.00
Pneumococcal Vaccines (Pneumonia) InjectablePneumococcal Vaccine (PPSV23; “Pneumovax”)
(PCV13; “Prevnar”)
Tetanus Shots will also be available for those who are interested.

Most medical insurances accepted. For further information contact Bernice Satterwhite at 281-386-8299 or

RoadRunners. Mark your calendars for September 19. We will go to the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory in Lake Jackson to view the hummingbirds and their banding. RoadRunners did this trip several years ago and it was one of everyone's favorites! Cost is a $5 donation and $15 additional if you wish to adopt a banded hummingbird which you will be able to hold in your hand. Really neat!!! Following the observatory, we will have lunch at The Grape Taste, a lovely small restaurant in Lake Jackson. The sign up sheet will be posted outside the Great Hall on Rally Day, Aug. 26. Please remember--one name per line. The sign up sheet has two pages, so please go to the second page rather than write a name in the margins. If you are unable to be at church to sign up, call the church office and ask the volunteer to add your name(s).  I am away until September 10, but you can always email me with any questions....Karen Bush, Hope you can join us!!!

SAVE THE DATE -Please save the date, Friday evening September 21. We are planning a good old fashioned Pot Luck Supper to welcome Father Bill back and the start of the new school year. More details to follow. Valerie McMullen, Ann Wenck

Featured Ministry of the Week: Flower Guild Ministry
This Outreach Ministry works closely with the Altar Guild to plan floral decorations for special holidays and celebrations, such as Easter, Christmas, and Graduation Sunday. They also take the Sunday altar arrangements apart and distribute them to those in the parish that are ill, have suffered a loss, or are celebrating a special occasion. If you like to arrange flowers and take them to brighten someone’s day, contact Andrea Dixon at 713-298-4747 or

Christian Education  
Sunday School
Sunday School will begin on September 9, 2018.  Registration forms can be found in the church office.  Please email Heather Dumais at if you have any questions.
We are in need of some Sunday School teachers.  If you would like to volunteer please contact Heather Dumais. 

Fall Sunday School Dates:
September 9, 16,23, 30
October 14, 21, 28
November 4, 11
December 2, 9, 16

Weekday Offerings
Spirituality and Mysticism (aka the Hermeticism Café)
Mondays 6:00 – 7:15 p.m.  Rm 208. Facilitated by Kipp and Bill Richter.
We are taking a break for the summer! The Café is not meeting again until Monday, August 27 from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. in Rm. 208.
If you would like to join us, we would love to have you!
Please get the book Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism by Anonymous. It would be helpful if you could read the Afterward (6 pages).  If you decide that you have some interest in the material, skim through the first four "Letters".  Don't worry about understanding them.  This material is very challenging, and the café is not a scholastic course. We simply bring our life experience into the class and share ideas about some of the various philosophical threads woven throughout. We will focus on "The Star", letter XVII, when we return on 8/27.  

Christian Meditation - Saturdays 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Rm 206
Facilitated by Kipp & Bill Richter.
This open and ongoing group is a part of the World Community for Christian Meditation. We gather at 9:00 and spend a few minutes for check-in and introductions. We listen to an audio presentation on a meditation related topic for 15-20 minutes and conclude with a 25-minute silent meditation.  To learn more visit

Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

All Rallied Up youth and families help prepare for Rally Day on August 24 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. lunch provided.

Youth Group Meetings Resume on Sunday September 9 after the 10:15 a.m. worship service for juniors. Seniors are going to vote with their feet regarding youth group time: meetings will be on Sundays (September 9, 16, 23) at 5 p.m. and Wednesdays (September12, 19, 26) at 5:30 p.m.

Happening, a spiritual retreat for youth in grades 9-12 is September 7-9 and November 16-18 at Camp Allen. To sign-up, please go to:

Youth Encounter Spirit, a spiritual retreat for youth in grades 6-8 is November 16-18 at Camp Allen. To sign-up, please go to:

Beth Anne Nelson
Director of Youth Ministry