Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Garden Guild

Spring is in the air and the Garden Guild is gearing up! Now is a great time to look around and really notice the beauty all around us. Remember that the church exists not only between four walls but outside all around us as well. One of our goals is to welcome people from the community into the church through our gardens. More than just digging in the dirt, gardening can be an enriching experience where we grow with the garden. This spring, please take a moment to walk around the grounds and see what catches your eye – is that a shy toad hiding underneath a leaf or a tiny hummingbird hovering over a flower? And how about the color schemes – if you look closely you might notice they are designed to match the liturgical seasons. We also have several projects under way this spring and all volunteers are welcome. We are looking for shutterbugs to help us with pictures of the gardens to post online, as well as volunteers to help with our upcoming “Art in the Park” – a new children’s art project we will be doing in conjunction with Good Shepherd Episcopal School. It’s easy to get started – look for our sign-up sheet on the Announcement Board. In May we will be hosting another volunteer work day and even the smallest hands are welcome helping hands. For more information, contact Jenniffier Hawes at 832.226.9242 or