Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Acolyte Policy


I. The Acolyte Guild will be directed by an Acolyte Master. He will be responsible for ensuring that there are adequate acolytes available to meet the needs of the parish worship schedule and that members of the Acolyte Guild are:

     A. Trained and competent to meet the duties of an acolyte in a
          worship service
     B. Dressed and groomed in a suitable manner
     C. Orderly in behavior

II. Any member of the church may become an acolyte if the following conditions are met:

     A. The candidate must be 11 ye
ars of age by October 1st
     B. The candidate has completed the training requirements
     C. The candidate is tall enough to perform the necessary responsibilities
The candidate has been regular in church attendance before application
     E. The candidate's family must be fully in support of the application due
                 to the requirements to meet parish service schedules. 

III. All acolytes must fulfill their share of all services.

IV. Acceptable dress code will be:

     Ladies: White, black, or dark brown dress shoes with low heels
and hose.
     Gentlemen: Black or dark brown dress shoes, dark socks, and dark
                       dress pants.

In addition, hair must be clean, groomed, and held back from the face. Strongly patterned attire is discouraged as it will show through the back of the alb. In all cases, athletic shoes, excessively casual footwear, etc. will not be acceptable. The Acolyte Master may turn away any acolyte whom he considers to be unsuitably dressed or groomed.

V. The time at which members of the Acolyte Guild move from Torch Bearer (Junior Guild) to Server and Crucifer (Senior Guild) will be at the discretion of the Acolyte Master.

VI. The Acolyte Master will endeavor to meet special scheduling needs for a specific period which may be due to reasons beyond the control of the acolyte. (This does not include avoiding early services). Periods of absence from the roster for personal or family reasons may also be addressed and will in no way cause loss of position in the Guild.

VII. An acolyte who consistently fails to fulfill the assigned schedule will be required to meet with the Acolyte Master for a discussion as to the reason. If the Acolyte Master determines that the acolyte intends to reestablish good standing, then a trial period of three months will ensue. If the acolyte continues to fail to meet assignments, then after discussion with the Rector (see section VIII), the Acolyte Master may dismiss the member from the Acolyte Guild. An acolyte that has been dismissed may reapply for membership at the next admission.

VIII. In the case, either at application or during membership, where the Acolyte Master considers a candidate unfit for any reason to meet the demands of an acolyte, he will present the reasons for refusal to membership or for dismissal to the individual and or family, in conjunction with the Rector, for discussion and suitable action.

IX. It is understood that the Good Shepherd Acolyte Guild philosophy is to encourage our young people to make a meaningful commitment to servant ministry and any attendant sacrifices/inconveniences and it is our policy to encourage them to stay in the Acolyte Guild until the acolyte graduates from High School. However, should an acolyte wish to terminate acolyte status, then it is entirely a choice and the resignation will be accepted.