Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Bank Accounts


I. Only the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Good Shepherd Mothers Day Out (MDO), the Episcopal Church Women of the Good Shepherd (ECW), the Episcopal Youth community (EYC), the Daughters of the King (DOK), the Rector’s Discretionary Fund and the Assistant Rector’s Discretionary Fund, are authorized checking accounts.

     A. Each of these organizations will present to the Finance Committee an annual
         Treasurer’s Report which will account for receipts and disbursements during the past 12 months.
     B. All bank statements will be mailed directly to the Church.

II. Any account opened for the purpose of conducting business using the Church’s tax identification must be approved the Treasurer and the Vestry.

III. The Church’s funds may not be transferred from the Church’s accounts to any other Church organization’s bank account.

IV. No Church organization’s bank account may be established for the purpose of receiving or disbursing funds that may be appropriated through the Vestry-approved budget other than those managed and controlled by the Treasurer and Vestry.

Rev. 8-97