Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Caregiving Policy

Budgeted Parish wide Activities
Child care will be provided and paid for by the church for parish wide activities. A parish wide activity is defined as any activity that is open to all members of the congregation and is submitted to the vestry liaison for budget approval by the vestry during the annual budget process. Examples of parish wide activities include specified Sunday services, Lenten programs, Holy Week Services, Christmas services, Rally Day, the annual parish meeting, monthly newcomers brunch, as provided for in the annual budget.

In addition, a minimal number of hours will be included in the budget for miscellaneous needs. These hours will be used at the discretion of the Rector.

Any changes in caregiving for parish wide activities and/or number of hours provided for miscellaneous needs as stated in the current annual budget, must be submitted for approval by the Vestry.

Individual Groups within the Church Needing Caregiving
Caregiving for events other than parish wide activities, unless included in the annual budget, must be paid for by the group sponsoring the activity. For example, Faith Alive, ECW functions, Daughters ofthe King, Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Men of Good Shepherd, EYC. Such groups anticipating parish wide activities in the following year may, however, request funds during the annual budget process. Such requests mayor may not be approved based on church funds availability.

Requests for Changes in the Caregiving Budget
Limited requests for changes in the caregiving budget may be requested during the current year, if the program needing the care is parish wide and is being planned at the direction of a paid staff member. Example: 1997 Summer Sunday School. However, preplanning concurrent with the annual budget review process will make such requests more likely to be approved based on funds availability.

Guidelines for Providing Caregiving
Any request for caregiving, whether for a parish wide event, or an activity of an individual group within the church, must be approved by the Director of Caregiving. Such approval will be subject to space availability and the availability of caregivers. Priority will be given to caregiving covered under the annual budget. Arrangements for payment for those activities not included in the church budget, must be made in advance by the sponsoring group with the Director of Caregiving.

All caregivers must be approved by the Director of Caregiving. The Director will provide a list of caregivers and assist in scheduling. The Caregivng Guidelines as written by the Director of Caregiving and approved by the vestry must be followed. A copy of these guidelines follows this policy statement.