Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Communication Policy

In an effort to improve the flow of information among parishioners and visitors to Good Shepherd, the Vestry has approved this policy regarding bulletin board usage. With the growth in programs and small groups at Good Shepherd, it is no longer possible to devote designated wall space for each. However, we want all groups to have access to display space. Groups now need to submit photos and accompanying information to the Communications Committee at least two weeks prior to their requested date of display. The Communications Committee will arrange the materials in an attractive and focused manner in areas designated for that purpose such as Life at Good Shepherd, Living Into Our Vision, Upcoming Events and Sign-Ups. A request form may be obtained in the Communications Committee mailbox. Hopefully this will allow visibility for all groups and the information will be timely and attractive.

The Communications Committee also maintains the information kiosks, located in the Narthex, Parish Hall and Mission Center lobby. You may submit tracts or information for a brochure in the designated box under the mailboxes for the Communications Committee.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on the Communications Policy. Please contact the current Vestry Communications Liaison.