Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Fund Raising Policy

It is the policy of Good Shepherd, that fund-raising activities must be for the support of the Church's outreach programs and not used to supplement the general operating budget. Further, except as provided for herein, special fund-raising projects not specifically authorized by the Vestry and the Clergy, are not permitted in the name of the Church or in the name of any Church- sponsored organizations or activities. Exceptions are as follows:

     I. Issues delegated to the Clergy or reserved to the Clergy by Canon law, in which case only Clergy approval is required.

Prior to September 16, 1991 "Grandfathered" activities, the ECW fund-raiser and the EYC Christmas greenery sale.

   III.  Pumpkin Patch, with Fall Festival (approved as on-going program by Vestry on May 20, 2008).   Initial seed money, minimum of $750, to be set aside through account #102-4715, then proceeds from this event funding will become part of the church operating budget 101- 3160 “Other Income.”  Authorized to hire/rent outside concessions to participate in the annual fund raiser.

Rev. 1-97
Rev. 10-2008