Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Policy Regarding Gifts and Contributions

I.   It is the policy of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Kingwood, Texas, that the normative procedure for giving to the Church shall be: 

A. That each parishioner determine and pledge a portion of his/her income to be offered to God. 

B. That this offering be given in the context of worship as an undesignated gift to the glory of God for the work of the Church.  

c. That the Vestry assume responsibility for the expenditure of these offerings, as the appointed stewards of the Church. 


A. Under certain specific circumstances it is appropriate to give monetary gifts for a designated purpose. These circumstances are:  

1.  Specific fund drives authorized by the Vestry (i.e., building fund drives, Diocesan/national fund drives, or special parish projects (i.e., Humble Area Assistance Ministries)  

2. Memorial gifts made in memory of a loved one.  

B. Other than with respect to specific fund drives authorized by the Vestry or as noted below, designated gifts of cash or property (i.e., gifts which are required to be spent or which are made for a specific purpose, contain pre-conditions, or have other conditions attached) with a value in excess of $250.00 are not encouraged. Such gifts may interfere or conflict with the operating priorities of the Vestry and the Clergy, as well as siphon support away from general stewardship. 

C. The Clergy/Vestry will maintain an on-going list of items or projects in need of funding which are acceptable for the purpose of making designated contributions. Those wishing to make donations toward such items, or to donate them directly, should contact the Rector or the Office Manager, who will have custody of the list.  

D. A designated gift with a value in excess of $250.00 and not appearing on the on-going must obtain vestry approval prior to the acceptance of the gift by the Church.  

E. All memorial contributions will be permanently recorded in the Church's Book of Memorials.  


Real property donations are not generally encouraged, but will be considered by the Rector and Vestry on an exception basis and must conform to Diocesan policy.  


A.  Liquid assets are treated the same as cash and are freely acceptable (the issue of liquidity to be determined by the Treasurer). Non-liquid assets are treated as designated gifts and are governed by the policy with respect to such.  

B.  Non-cash, liquid items (e.g., marketable securities) are to be promptly converted to cash by the Treasurer upon receipt. 

Rev. 1-97