Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Guidelines for Music at Special Services

1. When music is desired at weddings or funerals, the family should make arrangements with the Director of Music Ministries.

II. The Canons of the Episcopal Church require that music be religious in nature, such as a hymn, psalm, or an anthem based on Holy Scripture. All music and/or outside organist must be approved by the Director of Music Ministries or the Rector.

III. The Good Shepherd Organist reserves the right of first refusal. In the event that the Good Shepherd Organist is available, but a wedding party elects to use another, the Good Shepherd Organist is still entitled to compensation at the rate below. Current fees, which are comparable to fees charged in this area by members of the American Guild of Organists, are listed below:

     Organist's fee for funerals                                        No Charge*
     Organist's fee for weddings                                       $100.00*
     Organist's fee if working with a soloist and/or choir   $125.00*
                    (does not include soloist's fee)

*For Good Shepherd Organist. If an outside organist is used, the fee is at the individual discretion of the outside organist. Checks for the organist should be made payable to the organist, not Good Shepherd Church, and delivered one week before the wedding.

IV. The availability of the choir and/or instrumental ensemble groups is subject to the discretion of the Director of Music Ministries after consultation with the members. Should the choir sing, a donation to Good Shepherd in the amount of $250.00 is deemed appropriate. Should the bell choir and/or flute ensemble play, a donation to Good Shepherd in the amount of $100.00 per group is deemed appropriate.

VIII. Soloist: If a soloist is desired, the Director of Music Ministries must be consulted regarding the placement of the music in the service and the schedule for rehearsals.

Rev. 1-97