Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Office Services Policy

I. The primary responsibilities and priorities of the paid members of the office administrative, clerical and bookkeeping staff are to do work required by, on behalf of or relative to the following:

     -  Clergy
     -  Other staff positions (i.e., Director of Music Ministries, Director of Christian Education, Youth Minister, etc.)
     -  Treasurer
     -  Vestry Members
     -  Weekly bulletins
     -  Newsletters
     -  Finances, receipts, deposits, disbursements, and posting
     -  Maintenance of membership rolls and directories
     -  Ordering of supplies
     -  Reminder card mail-outs for activities where such mail outs are approved by a Vestry member (Scheduling notices and reminder cards relative to worship services or church activities should be delivered to the office typewritten or on a diskette, such that the office staff merely has to duplicate, address and mail them.)
     -  Maintenance of church equipment check out list
     -  Operation of large photo copier
     -  Assembly and duplication of annual parish report

II. To the extent that time is available after meeting primary responsibilities referred to in Section I, the office staff will assist as necessary with the following programs, although such programs are expected to accomplish the bulk of their clerical work through volunteers.

     -  Stewardship campaign
     -  Major church wide events (i.e., Capital Campaign and Faith Alive)
     -  Rally Day

III. The office staff is not the main clerical resource for all church programs and activities, but will assist as time permits. Accordingly, the following applies to programs, activities, and groups other than those referred to in sections I and II.

     -  A computer, typewriter, work space, and supplies are available in the church office for all other church- related programs and groups. This work space can be reserved for specific periods through the Office Manager.
     -  The church staff will provide computer printed labels and address lists upon request from church groups for church related purposes. Such labels and lists should be requested at least a week in advance.
     -  All programs and groups other than those in Sections I and II above are expected to do their own typing, envelope stuffing and addressing. If bulk mail stamped envelopes are required, they should be requested from the office at least one week in advance. Postage will be paid for all church related mailings with vestry liaison approval.
     -  The Office Manager will assign copy machine access codes to each vestry member.

Rev. 1-97