Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Sanctuary Flower Guidelines

I. Procurement of Sanctuary flowers for Sunday services (including flowers for the Altar and the Columbarium) is the responsibility of the Flower Guild.

II. Decisions regarding arrangement and placement of flowers in the Sanctuary will be made by the Flower Guild, subject to the approval of the Rector.

III. The Flower Guild may choose to forego purchasing flowers for a Sunday service in favor of a alternate arrangement (i.e., flowers from a Saturday wedding may be judged suitable for the Sunday service.

IV. The Flower Guild is charged with establishing and operating a method of soliciting contributions for flowers (i.e., posted sign-up sheet, bulletin announcements, etc.) with the approval of the Rector.

V. Parishioners are encouraged to contribute to a designated flower fund to defray the cost of Sanctuary flowers. Contributions that meet or exceed a minimum dollar amount to be specified by the Flower Guild, will be acknowledged in the Sunday service bulletin on the Sunday of the contributor's choice.

Adopted 1-97
Rev. 7-97