Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Supply Requisition System and Form


                     I.      A copy of the approved system procedures will go to every Vestry member, Church group, or self-sustaining organization to avoid miscommunications.  

                    II.      The Office Manager will be responsible for ordering any and all supplies which come from our suppliers. In the absence of the Office Manager, the Financial Administrator will order the necessary supplies. 

                  III.      All persons, groups, or organizations ordering supplies through the “Church system” need to recognize that there is a minimum purchase requirement as well as a lead time to fill an order. 

                  IV.      A self-sustaining organization [any organization within the Church with its own income source/checking account (i.e., school, MDO, ECW, EYC)] may order supplies through the “Church system” using the following procedure:  

A. Complete Supply Requisition Form available in church office and below 

B. The requisition form will be given to the Office Manager and a copy to the organization placing the order. 

C. Upon receipt of invoice from the Financial Administrator, the organization will remit payment (checks made out to the vendor) to the Financial Administrator within ten days.  

V. Organizations, functions, or activities which are funded by the Church shall obtain and complete the requisition form for Office Manager for the needed items.  

A. The form will show which group is placing the order; the person responsible for the request; the quantity and description of items requested; date needed, and the signature of the vestry liaison.  

B. PRIOR TO ORDERING, the Vestry liaison shall authorize this order as a budgeted expense. If it is not a budgeted expense, it will need to be approved by Vestry prior to ordering. For ordinary recurring items the Vestry liaison can preauthorize within his/her area without having to authorize individual items, up to the dollar limit set by the budget.  

VI. Regular maintenance items (i.e., kitchen, cleaning, and bathroom supplies) will be ordered by the Office Manager. 

VII. Snacks for the choir, etc. shall be ordered through the Office Manager following the #5 instructions. 

VIII. Groups planning large events (i.e., receptions, large get-together) must notify the Office Manager what supplies they will be using, to insure there are adequate supplies for all events. 

          Rev. 1-97


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Good Shepherd

Supply Requisition Form

Date: _________________

To: Donna Clifford

From: _____________________________

Date Needed: _______________________

Item: ___________________________________________

# Needed: _______________

Attachments: _________________________

Area Needed: __________________________________

Vestry Liaison Approval: ___________________________