Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Third Party Building & Facility Use Agreement

Third Party Building & Facility Use Agreement

 As a member of the Greater Kingwood community, and as stewards of the gifts God has made available to us, Good Shepherd shares its facilities with educational, civic, cultural, youth, community, and other non-profit, community-based organizations (“you”, “your”, or “Group”) when those facilities are not needed for church ministry or programs.

 This Agreement, and the accompanying Addendum “Facility Use Details”, covers use of the church’s facilities by such groups.  An executed original of this Agreement and Addendum must be submitted to the church office before an event will be scheduled, and at least 14 days prior to use.  Your Group’s original copy of this Agreement and Addendum, signed by the church’s authorized representative, is your confirmation.  Any change in dates or arrangements must be made in writing.

Good Shepherd takes care when scheduling its facilities to avoid potential conflicts with church activities.  Occasionally, unforeseen events may require a change to this agreement.  While Good Shepherd will reasonably endeavor to notify the Group of any required scheduling changes or termination of facility use by the Group, Good Shepherd specifically reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, with or without cause or notice.  Good Shepherd further reserves the right to have the Group reschedule its planned program or use of Good Shepherd’s facilities or equipment when Good Shepherd needs the facilities or equipment for Good Shepherd’s purposes.

Qualifying Organizations and Permitted Activities:
Good Shepherd is a registered non-profit religious organization.  Non-profit community-based organizations, whose purpose and activities are not in conflict with the purposes of Good Shepherd, may use the facilities for non-commercial purposes.  The sale of tickets for a performance, or sale of recordings of the performance are permitted, provided all money is collected by, and checks are made payable to, the Group.  Sale of other items supporting the organization, such as clothing or other “spirit wear”, bake sales, other fundraising activities, etc. are prohibited on church property.

No private or publicly held business or commercial enterprise may use our facilities for commercial purposes.

Terms and Conditions:
Depending on the size of the group, and the use requested, Good Shepherd may furnish facility personnel and Ushers to assist you and help provide for the care of the facility.  However, you will need to provide the resources for Set-up, Take-down, Clean up, and Supervision as provided below.

1.  Respect for Facilities and Church Activities.  Good Shepherd is a Christian Church and a community of faith.  We expect you, your members and/or participants, and your attendees to respect our facilities, and to conduct yourselves in a manner befitting a church.  Church activities and other groups may be using other parts of our facilities and we ask that you respect their needs as well.

2.  Safety of Children and Youth.  Good Shepherd has a safe children policy which requires that a minimum of two adults supervise all activities involving children and youth.  Groups using our facility agree to provide adequate supervision of children and youth.  By signing this agreement, you specifically agree that no adult will be alone with any child or children under the age of 18 at any time.  In addition, you agree that you will provide adequate adult supervision to maintain proper decorum and keep your group within the areas provided to you.  For purposes of this agreement, you agree to furnish a minimum ratio of one adult per every 30 youth. 

3.  Worship Space.  The Nave and Sanctuary (Worship Center) is our place of worship.  We are pleased to make it available to you, but we ask you and the members of your group show particular respect for this space.  This is a Holy space that is set aside for a secular purpose during your use.  It is not simply another auditorium or concert hall.

Shouting, running, playing, climbing on the furniture, disturbing the books and papers in the pews, and similar behavior is not appropriate in this space.

No furniture or furnishings may be moved without prior written approval as a part of this Agreement.  The pulpit is not moveable under any circumstances.  Moving the Altar and Baptismal Font may be done only with prior instruction from a Good Shepherd representative.  During the Advent Season, the display of the Advent Wreath will be appropriately maintained during your use.

No food or drink of any kind whatsoever is to be brought into, or consumed in, this space. 

For concerts:  1)  If you rent a piano for your concert, it must be on a dolly with rubber wheeled casters at least 3” in diameter to facilitate movement and avoid damage to the tile floors.  2)  Musical instrument cases, etc must be stored in the Great Hall, Parish Hall, or other reserved space, not under the pews, or in the aisles.  3)  Note the Fire & Safety Regulations under paragraph 7, below for risers.

Good Shepherd will distribute a reusable laminated information card to those attending events in this space.  It includes a welcome from the parish, safety information, the location of restrooms, concert etiquette, and a list of our worship times.

4.  Facility Set-up.  Except as otherwise provided, you are expected to set up the space to your needs, and return it as you found it following your use.

5.  Tape.  If you will be hanging items on the walls, or taping down cords on the floors, the following tape is acceptable:
     A.       For walls:  3M
Safe Release Painters Masking Tape (blue color)
     B.       For carpet and floors:  Pro-Gaff or similar professional grade gaffer tape.

These tapes are specifically designed to protect paint and other finishes, and do not leave adhesive residue on walls and floors, which creates a maintenance problem.

Use of “Scotch” tape, regular masking tape, strapping or other packaging tape, and duct tape is specifically prohibited.

6.  Alcohol and Tobacco.  Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed on church property.  Good Shepherd is a smoke-free facility.

7.  Fire & Safety Regulations.  For your safety, all fire regulations must be observed.  Specifically, you may not block, or otherwise impede, any hallway, entryway, room door, or emergency exit.

To assure access to the emergency exits located in the corners at end of the communion rail, a minimum 30” wide aisle must be maintained between the privacy walls in front of the first row of the Transept pews (side seating areas) and any risers or chairs placed on the floor in front of the communion rail.

No additional seating may be added to the Worship Space without prior approval.  Reserved seating areas for those in wheel chairs are provided.  Chairs (including wheelchairs) may not be placed in the aisles.  Photographers and/or videographers may not block the aisles with a tripod.  All cords and cables must be taped down to avoid tripping (see paragraph 5).

8.  Parking.  Parking in the shopping center across the street is limited to evenings and weekends at the car owner’s sole risk.  No parking is permitted in front of businesses that are open, such as the convenience store.  Violators will be towed.  We recommend you advise your members and guests of these restrictions.

If the timing of your event provides the opportunity for use of the shopping center, we recommend that those arriving early, such as staff, performers, chaperones, etc. park in the shopping center – utilizing the parking spaces on the exterior, i.e. those that face away from the businesses – and save the church parking lot for your guests.

9.  Care of Furnishings.  If furnishings or equipment are damaged, or become inoperable during your use, you are expected to notify the church.

10.  Take Down and Clean Up.  At the end of your use, the space you occupy should be returned to the way you found it.

     Worship Space:
          - Remove, re-rack, and return chairs to the appropriate closet in the Great Hall.
- Risers, music stands, props, instruments, etc are to be removed from the
             building unless other arrangements are provided for in this Agreement.

          - Check all pews: 
  Remove papers, programs, etc. from pews and bookracks
  Return any pencils to the spaces provided in the pew racks
  Straighten all Prayer Books, Hymnals, and Bibles (upright, cover facing out, etc.)
  Check thoroughly for items left behind by your members or audience
  Assure all kneelers are raised
  Reset Chapel (if rearranged for overflow and handicapped seating)
                       - Return all Altar furniture to its proper place.  Moving the Altar requires four adults.
                       - Straighten the kneeler cushions at the Altar Rail, if present.
                       - Remove all paper, programs, and other trash from the floor.

                       - Turn out all lights:  Switches are located: near each emergency exit, in the chapel,
                          by  Vestry Door, and on the control panel at the back of the Nave.  The panel is
                          turned off only with the black on/off button on the upper left corner of the panel.
                          Do not use the faders (sliders) to turn off the main lights in the church.

     Parish Hall and Great Hall:
                - Re-rack all tables and chairs.  See instructions on racks for proper storage.
                - Pick up trash on floor
                - Check for any personal or group items left behind

                - Any trash that doesn’t fit in provided receptacles is to be taken to the dumpster in the SW
                       corner of the parking lot.

     Mission Center Classrooms:
                -  Tables and chairs in classrooms should be reset as you found them.
Any food trash – plates, cups, cans, containers should be bagged and removed to the
                   dumpster in the SW corner of the parking lot.

11.  Trash Disposal.  If your capacity for trash exceeds the receptacles in your area of use, remove the excess trash to the dumpster in the SW corner of the parking lot.

12.  Proof of Insurance.  Not less than five (5) business days prior to your use, you must furnish proof of liability insurance covering your Group, with a minimum coverage of $500,000 per occurrence.  Fax the Certificate of Insurance from your carrier to Good Shepherd, Attn:  Junior Warden, at 281/358-3155.

13.  Indemnification.  The undersigned Responsible Party, on behalf of the Group, its officers, members, and invitees recognizes and agrees that the Episcopal Church Council of the Diocese of Texas (“Church Corporation”), the Office of the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd of Kingwood, Texas, the Good Shepherd Episcopal School, and the clergy, bishops, officers, directors, vestry persons, employees, volunteers, and insurers of any and all of them (collectively referred to as “Releasees”), shall not be liable nor responsible for any damage or loss to person or property arising out of or in any manner related to use of Good Shepherd’s facilities or equipment by the Group, or in the presence of the Group, on Good Shepherd’s premises.  The undersigned further agrees on behalf of the Group, its officers, and members, to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Releasees from any and all demands, claims, causes of action, and suits of any nature for any damage or loss to persons or property, of whatever cause, and even if due to the sole or concurrent negligence or strict liability of any or all of the Releasees, including payment of all costs and attorney fees incurred by Releasees, arising out of or in any manner related to use of Good Shepherd facilities or equipment by the Group, its officers, members, or invitees; and further agrees promptly to indemnify and reimburse Good Shepherd on a replacement cost basis for any loss or damage to Good Shepherd’s facilities or equipment in any manner caused by the group, its officers, members, or invitees, and to indemnify and reimburse Releasees for any and all costs and attorney fees incurred by any of the Releasees related in any manner to enforcement of the terms of this agreement.

14.  Damage and Security Deposit.  Not less than five (5) business days prior to your use, you must deliver a check in the amount of three hundred ($300.00) dollars, payable to Good Shepherd Episcopal Church.  This check will serve as a damage and security deposit.  Following your use, if there is no damage to the church (over and above normal wear and tear), and the space you used was properly restored per the terms of this agreement, the check will be returned to you.

Groups that use the facility on a regular basis may make a deposit to the church.  The church will provide a receipt for the funds on deposit, and the deposit will be returned at the end of your use, assuming no claims have been made.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance: 
By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement, accept the Terms and Conditions outlined herein, and agree to be the Responsible Party to assure your members and guests comply with this Agreement.

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties, and may not be modified by any oral representations or understandings, but only by written agreement signed by both parties.


Requested this _______ day of __________________, 2_____ by its Authorized Representative:

Name (printed)                          

Signature of Responsible Party & Authorized Representative                              

Title of Responsible Party

Name of Organization                            

______________________________________    ___________________,  TX  _________-_____
Street Address or P.O. Box                                                    City                                  Zip

Principal purpose/mission of this organization


The signature below, and on the attached Addendum confirms that your request has been accepted by Good Shepherd and the space requested has been reserved for your use.

____________________________        __________________________                            ________
Signature                                                 Title                                                                              Date

Name (printed)

(Policy Approved by Vestry on March 8, 2005)

Click here for Facility Use Detail Addendum