Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Guidelines for Wedding Photographers

I. In the Episcopal Church, weddings are considered to be worship services and the same standards of reverence, dress code, and order are to be observed.

II. No flash pictures may be made in the Church from the time the first member of the congregation is seated until the wedding service is completed and the guests have left.

Ill. A picture taking session in the Church may be scheduled prior to the wedding or
immediately following it.

IV. A time exposure may be taken without flash during the wedding provided the photographer takes the picture from the aisle behind the last row of pews in the central section of the Church or from the choir 10ft.

V. Post-wedding photographs should be limited to approximately 15 minutes so as not to delay the reception and the duties of the Church staff.

VI. If videotaping of the service is desired by the couple, the placement of the camera and crew must be in the choir loft.

VII. Any questions regarding photography should be addressed to the Rector.

Rev. 3-97