Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
On Sunday, October 30, we will kick off our annual Operating Funds campaign for 2017. The message this year is “Everybody In, Nobody Out.” Each of Christ’s wonders speaks to us in different ways, but they share a common setting: Miracles happen when people come together under a common purpose. You’ll notice in Matthew 14 that it’s not Jesus’ own food that he multiplies but that of the disciples: He takes what the people give and increases it. The disciples aren’t watching God, but they are now participating in the miracle, simply by giving. In 2016, many of you who call this place home made a pledge, and we did some amazing things. But what if 100% of our church community made a pledge to Good Shepherd in 2017? We are growing now, but what is possible when we ALL make a commitment? Miracles.

It is our sincere hope that you and your family will be “All In” for the 2017 Stewardship Campaign, working together with all other Good Shepherd families to expand our mission. Here is our road map for the upcoming weeks of the 2017 Campaign:

• Beginning on Sunday, October 30 and through Sunday, November 20 we will be conducting our annual campaign.
• Each Sunday, we will hear stories of personal transformation through the practice of intentional giving from your fellow parishioners.
• By Monday, October 31, you will receive your pledge packet. Pray over what your pledge will be over the next four weeks.
• Pledges will be accepted at any time after November 1.
• On Sunday, November 20, we will celebrate Commitment Sunday, the culmination of our exploration, when pledges will be completed and offered as an act of worship and a culmination of all God has offered. There will be a celebratory brunch served afterwards.